Parley of Pirates Strategy: The Graverobber

Parley of Pirates Strategy: The Graverobber

In Parley of Pirates, one of the possible crewmates is the Graverobber. On the surface level the Graverobber seems simple and plain. However there is much more depth to her when you dig in!

The Graverobber is great at getting you one extra card to give you a small lead per round. For starting players it would appear you get the spoils from the Charting phase, however, if you time your digging you can find buried treasure! 


When combining the Graverobber with "Walk the Plank" cards, you can effectively revive fallen crewmates to your side. You must time the removal of the crewmate just before your turn so that no other cards will be at the top of the discard pile. 

Simply wait for the player on your right's turn to start and drop a "Walk the Plank" on the targeted crewmate of your choice. It can be any other player's crewmate! At the end of the player on your right's turn, the crewmate and "Walk the Plank" cards get discarded but not forgotten! On your turn, you can use the Graverobber's ability to fish out the crewmate from the discard pile and play them. This will give you an extra random card and a new crewmate with their special ability!


Be warned! Other players may feel threatened by your large crew and your large advantage. They will be looking to take out your crewmates in fear that you might leave them in the dust. Make sure to grab a "Mutiny" card here and there to defend your newly acquired crewmates. You can even use the Graverobber to persuade the Briber to your side, giving you higher defensive capabilities!


The Graverobber is great at growing your crew or fishing for more cards. Whatever the play you choose, remember, with great reward comes great risk!




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