Parley of Pirates Strategy: The Briber

Parley of Pirates Strategy: The Briber

In Parley of Pirates, one of my favorite crewmates is the Briber. With the Briber on your side, you can weasel your way out of anything and fall into a huge pile of gold!

The Briber allows you to be more aggressive with earning booty. She lets you take bigger risks that give better rewards. The strategy is to always go for the big booty reward cards, "3 Doubloons" and "Repeat." You will most likely be singled out and targeted for hoarding all of the high value reward cards, however, you have a partner in crime to help you out.

With the Briber's ability, you are able to pay off any attacker, removing their card from play and into the discard pile. The downside is that the more you bribe, the more is costs! The upside is that the value resets to one doubloon with each new Parley phase. 


As any seasoned player will know, stacking four "Repeat" cards is nearly impossible. That is where the Briber comes into play. If you are lucky enough to get a hold of two or more "Repeat" cards, your victory is virtually set in stone. Stacking multiple "Repeat" cards will grant you huge stacks of coin, however, every pirate will by eyeing to stop you. You will need to be strategic and build up a small pile of booty to be able to pull off a risky play like that.

Once you have enough coins for one or two bribes, you can start stacking "Repeat" cards. Whether it is on a "2 Doubloons" or "3 Doubloons" the amount of reward will surpass the bribe costs. That's just the cost of doing business!


After a thrilling play, with the Briber, you will be stacked for victory!

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