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Parley of Pirates Card Game

Parley of Pirates Card Game

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Parley of Pirates by Emberfrost is a competitive pirate treasure card game that is fun for the whole family (ages 14+). To win, you must use strategy and negotiation to be the pirate with the biggest booty. Parley of Pirates has something to offer for both casual and experienced players. The game contains 120 custom pirate coins, 54 beautifully illustrated cards, a discard tile, and an informative instruction booklet. It also includes six unique characters to spice up your game and unlock unique strategies. 

  • COMPETITIVE - Play against other players to grab as much booty as possible!
  • EASY TO LEARN AND PLAY - Rules and game play are designed to be easy to pick up and remember!
  • CRAZY FUN - Pull off wild combos to get lots of booty or sabotage your friends so they get none!
  • WELL BALANCED - Even when you lose, it feels like winning!

Read more about our game at Boardgamegeek!


120 Unique Doubloons
54 Beautiful cards with 6 unique characters
1 Discard Tile
1 Instruction Booklet

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